Why was Rusty Metals Photography started???

 I thought it was so unique that I got this question, and my response I felt was something that kind of blew me away when I thought about it. My simple answer was when I traveled internationally, I loved talking pictures of the culture, the environment, the people, it all spoke to me!

 I love looking back at those photographs, and reliving those moments! They are beautiful and breathtaking, most of all adventurous ! Very time I look at a photograph, it speaks to you tells a story about where someone is at in their life, or what is taking place at that moment in time. It most of all make you feel something, and that emotion is was it’s all about! The emotional attachment is what always brings you back to that moment in time, you start to remember how it felt that day!

 But MOST OF ALL, the reason I started Rusty Metals Photography is the passion that I feel for photography! Also the passion I feel for capturing your moments with you! Your wedding, your engagement, your gender announcement, your newborn baby! You will forever remember those moments, how they felt, and all the memories that go along with those feelings!


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