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So today I want to talk about a very talented little boy (who just so happens to be my brother, hehe)! He is so kind, hard working, energetic, and above all driven. Whether we are talking about his school work or his baseball, he puts everything into his work.

I had the most amazing weekend being able shoot him during one of his games . I had the ability to catch (see what I did there, hehe) all of his skills and abilities in a single game. You want to talk about having your head in the game, he never lost track of what was happening. Not even when another player accidentally stepped on his hand with his cleat. By the way, ouch! His biggest fear was that he was going to be taken out of the game, so he wasn’t even going to tell anyone about it. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

I have so many photos ahead of me to edit, I can’t wait! Best of all  I can’t wait to show him!

Can’t wait to post all the rest of the photos!!


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