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If you found yourself here, you are more than likely looking for a little help picking out outfits! I’m so excited to pass along tips I’ve learned over the last few years as an Arizona Wedding Photographer, not only from other couples from from stylist themselves. I can’t wait to share these tips with you

Engagement session have to be 100% my favorite session! Why you ask? So glad that you did, not only are we going to have a great time, but they are so much fun!!! 

So you picked out your collection, and depending on which one you picked you’re going to be planning for an around Phoenix session or an adventure(-ish) session! You’ll receive a get to know you better questionnaire, that just gives me a chance to … you guessed it, get to know you guys as a couple , haha! 

Once we’ve picked a date and a location, it’s time to pick out the outfits! This is important because this is where the “you” look comes in. 

Some couples opt to have a formal dressy outfit, some want a causal, dressy causal it’s really all up to you guys. 

What do you feel most comfortable in? 

Do you like that shirt? But do you feel great in it? 

Here is always a rule of thumb I tell all my clients, plan on 2 outfits. 1. Dressy one 2. Causal… then bring a 3rd outfit just in case you aren’t feeling the first time. Now this isn’t a fashion shoot, so don’t worry if you don’t want to change that’s 100% okay. You’re love story is what it’s all about. You’re going to have 100’s of wedding photos of you guys all dolled up, if you don’t really want to get dressed up you don’t have too. This images are suppose to be 100% a reflection of you guys and your love for each other! 

I can’t tell you come many times we’ve gotten to a location and someone wasn’t feeling their shirt they wore, or their dress isn’t fitting right. Things happen so it’s always good to be prepared for all the things. 

Now that we got the amount of outfits you should consider, here is just a few tips when you’re picking them out:

1. Wearing clothes that make you feel like you

This is so important because when you wear clothes that make you feel like you’re trying to hard, you won’t feel like yourself. So if jeans and a t-shirt are your thing, go with that. You’re going to feel the most comfortable in your outfit, and it’s going to really show in your photos!

2. Complement each other, but don’t match

Matching outfits and patterns aren’t as flattering as you think they would be. Look for colors that go with each other, and solid prints. Stay away from things that look busy, it might be too distracting in your photos. Feel free to click through my galleries for inspiration , or click here to head over to Pinterest and check out all the inspiration boards.

3. If you are wearing white, he is wearing a darker color than you. 

For example her has dark colored pants and a light top, you are wearing lighter colors, or reserve dark shirt,  light pants, you wear darker colors. It’s always great to have a color scheme of at lest 4-5 colors so you have something to go off of.

4. Having a color scheme is always helpful

Color schemes are your best friend when it comes to coordinating outfits. I can’t tell you how many times I myself have referred back to time and time again. Some of my favorite colors to go from are always color, and neutral tones. My go to favorites for everything is always greens, and neutrals. If you love light blue, why not consider wearing that as a dress or even a jumpsuit!

5. Opt for a classic rather than trendy look

I feel like this one is always a good one to go over, because sometimes you have to think about the future. Are you going to look back at your photo and say “Dang, we look good!” or are you going to say “That outfit, what was I thinking.” I know that’s a little dramatic, but it’s definitely happened once or twice before. Maybe right now you love this amazing black and white dress, but maybe next year looking back you think you look like an NFL referee and hate it. Timeless outfits are always a great idea, and a safe go too.

6. Consider the location you picked out

Unless you’re a wizard in heels, wearing heels to the desert is probably not the greatest of ideas. But it you really want to wear heels in your session bring along an extra pair of slip on shoes so you can change in and out of them. Now you can have the best of both world!

7. Play with colors and textures, wear your favorite jacket, don’t forget your jewelry

I’m a huge fan of playing around with different looks. Do jean jacket, leather, hats , sweaters, all the things! I’m living for it so dont be afraid to play around with different looks. The positive about all of these accessories is that they are easily slipped on and off , so if you aren’t feeling it you can always take it off.

8. Don’t forget to check the weather the day of your session, sometimes things change. 

So SO important, I try to do my best to keep you updated but sometimes Mother Nature has different plans sometimes. But I’ve never been above playing in the rain, so maybe that’s a win-win for you. I’m game! As an Arizona Wedding Photographer one thing I can tell you that the weather here is always unpredictable. You also don’t want to forget to get caught in a sweater, and then you’re sweating. Consider the season, take advantage of the season you can put into your style.

Winter and Fall: Don’t be afraid to bundle up, grab that scarf and jackets. Winter accessories can be the cutest! Don’t be afraid of those leggings with a fleece sweater.

Summer and Spring: Flowy dresses, walking around barefoot on the beach or lakeshore, that adorable pair of sandals that you love to wear. Maxi dress with a denim jacket is always an adorable go to look. This is the only time I’d encourage a subtle floral print, paired nicely it could look amazing! You could mix up the colors with pastel, too.

9. When in doubt, cooler and neutral tones are always the best way to go! Blues, white, grays, brows, maybe even a little maroon. 

I think I’ve clearly stressed the colors you wear matter, and bright colors on your skin tone really doesn’t look great. Now that I’ve talked a lot about what colors to wear, let’s chat about what colors to avoid. Yellow and pink , those are just no go colors along with neon and fluorescent colors. Those colors will make you look like a giant blinking sign, you’re not going to like that.


I think we have most of the basics down, if you still need an inspiration or a mood board to help you. Please feel free to reach out (Click here to get in touch), I’d be more than happy to help you. But don’t forget if you still can’t decide on what to wear, bring all the options with you. Patterns, hats, jacket, shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories . I’ll help you pick your best outfits out so there won’t be any clashing, and there will be “ALL THE YAS”. 

Just a happy side note: keep in mind you’ll more than likely be changing in the car, or if there is a public restroom near by. If you aren’t comfortable with that, no worries. Just text me over pictures of your options that you’re thinking of and we can pick out your outfits that way! 

Either way, I got you covered! I hope that this blog post covered all your questions on colors, styles, clothes, and patterns. 

Here are some extra outfit inspiration to help you find the perfect out for your session! It’s going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to see you. If you’re still lost, or need a little more inspiration feel free to check out my Pinterest board (Click here to head over to Pinterest) for my inspiration and fun ideas. 




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