5 Best Places To Elope In Arizona

Valley of Fire Elopement

Just elope in Arizona! Yep, I said it. Arizona is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating states in the United State and has over 6 different ecosystems in the state alone. With mile-deep chasms formed by the Colorado River, deserts filled with cactus, fascinating mountain tops, and glittering lakes, it is a land of pure adventure. So if you desire to add excitement and unforgettable memories to your elopement, Arizona is the perfect place and setting for you!

Elope in Arizona

In its wide landscape you can exchange your vows on a cliff, in the vast desert, or by a clear lake. You can also choose to get married in the midst of spawn trees or the Grand Canyon. And Arizona doesn’t just offer the perfect locations for a vow exchange, but also for an amazing honeymoon in any city of your choice! The state has over 40 parks, hotels, and monuments that will keep you occupied through the first few weeks of your married life.

Best Places To Elope in Arizona

1. The Grand Canyon

Eloping at Horseshoe Bend

Looking for a great, big backdrop for your elopement? The Grand Canyon is the perfect location for you. It offers a picture-perfect venue for your special day with its deep chasms under a clear blue Arizona sky. 

It also offers an opportunity to implement numerous wedding ideas such as helicopter rides, horseback riding, hiking, and whitewater rafting. So you can go crazy, cozy, intimate, or big for your elopement in Arizona!

2. Sedona

Eloping in Sedona, Arizona

If you have a soft spot for the desert and would love to elope in one, Sedona is the perfect location for you! With its red rocks, green junipers, and clear blue sky, Sedona is bursting with colors that will provide the perfect backdrop for your special day. 

Located right between Phoenix and Flagstaff, Sedona offers numerous amazing activities like hikes, off-roading, horseback riding, and swimming. It also serves as the perfect honeymoon spot with countless hotels, shops, spas, and restaurants.

3. Salt River Canyon Wilderness

Couple eloping in Arizona

The Salt River Canyon Wilderness, also known as the mini Grand Canyon, is another spectacular place to elope in Arizona. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to say their ‘I dos’ in a 32,000-acre desert surrounded by cactus? 

The canyon features a rugged beauty with jagged mountains and a sparkly river. And if you’re lucky, you may also spot herds of horses that reside in the desert and capture them in your pictures. Salt River Canyon has an ethereal, epic visage that makes it a great elopement location.

4. Glen Canyon and Lake Powell

The Glen Canyon and Lake Powell feature terrific orange cliffs, vistas, and views of both Utah and Arizona. It also has a wide backcountry waiting to be explored! Here you can enjoy a variety of activities ranging from camping to watersports, rappelling, and backpacking. If there’s one thing this location offers, it’s an adventurous elopement that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime!

5. Flagstaff

Couple eloping in Flagstaff, Arizona

One of the best things about Arizona is that it has something for everybody. So if you aren’t a huge fan of the valley’s heat, Flagstaff is the spot for you. Flagstaff is a historical and cultural Arizona city that lies at a 2000m elevation. 

The city is surrounded by monuments, natural attractions, and the biggest ponderosa pine forest in the world! With great food, lovely views, and a contagious vibe, Flagstaff is the cutest city for an elopement.

Arizona Seasons

In most pictures or movies shot in Arizona, the sun is always shining and the days are very orangey –this can easily lead one to think the state has just one season but this isn’t true! Just like its diverse landscape, Arizona has four distinct seasons. These seasons offer different experiences for your time in the state. 

  • Fall (September to December)

Fall in Arizona is super long and amazing. The dramatic change of colors the season brings is enhanced in the state and can create a lovely, warm backdrop for your wedding pictures. Based on where you choose to elope in Arizona, you will be embraced in a whirl of red, orange, and gold all through the autumn months. And in the Northern regions, during the late October, peak leaf-peeping season begins!

  • Winter (December to March)

Ever wondered if it ever snows in Arizona? Well, yes it does! However, Arizona’s winter is milder than in most states. During the day the climate is dry and the average temperature is 70F. At night, the temperature drops, giving you the perfect mood for snuggling up with your spouse. 

If you aren’t big on hot and steamy temperatures, winter is the best time to elope. With snow-covered mountain tops everywhere you look, you can get some fascinating pictures to take home with you!

  •  Spring (March to June)

If you’re surprised to learn it snows in Arizona, then you will be awed by the splash of bright colored flowers covering the desert between March and June! Arizona provides a catchy display of blooms in the springtime and every ridge, basin, and mountain provides their epic display of flowers for the season. This leaves you surrounded by a blast of therapeutic colors. So if you want a springy theme for your elopement, spring in Arizona might just be what you never knew you needed.

  • Summer (June to September)

If you want to see the classic Arizona with its sunny days, warm temperatures and dry weather, summer is the best time for your elopement. It also has lakes for outdoor swimming and pools for lounging!

In summary; winter is a lovely time for outdoor elopements with its mild temperature and snowy mountains. Fall is most likely the best time, especially in the northern parts like Sedona and Flagstaff. Spring is magical with its colorful display of wildflowers, and summer displays Arizona in its jagged, rugged beauty. So what are you waiting for? Arizona is ready for you! 


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