How To Pick The Perfect Elopement Location

Valley of Fire Elopement


This one is all about the perfect elopement location for your love story!

NOTE: THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWER WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR LOCATION. It’s all about the two of you, so if there is a location that speaks true to you guys and your love story. Go for it! 

Okay, now that we got that out of the way… as your elopement photographer, we got this friend! 

I have to say there is something so freaking awesome and enticing about epic views, scenery that leaves you breathe less, and a spectacular place to say your vows and start forever together. 

Now, there are so many locations in the world to say “Yes” to, explorer, and adventure together. Trying to pick one of these thrilling locations with your partner can be a little overwhelming. 

But that’s what this is for to take the overwhelming factor out of it all. I hope this is so helpful, that you can narrow down your picks and find the perfect location for you. 

Let’s get started! 

Now here is something you need to know because it’s a fact….. 


When it comes to you eloping, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. 

Let me say it louder for those in the back, the sky is the limit! I can’t stress how liberating it is to do the things that makes your heart light on fire. It’s a huge reason why most couples decide to elope in the first place. You can plan your elopement whenever you want, wherever you want, with guest or no guest – it’s all up to you guys.

Elopements where truly build for a stress-free, adventurous experience. 

Epic lookout from the top of a mountain? Absolutely! 

Private beach that you have to boat to? Yes please. 

Off-roading adventure to the top of a mountain over looking a valley? Heck yes! Count me in. 

Like I said, there is no limit to the adventures you can have while you’re eloping! 

Next up…. 

Eloping in Sedona, Arizona

If you can elope anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

I think this is the best one! I still love to write out lists of locations I’d love to visit, explore, and adventure. You know, the super dreamy locations that you’ve never been too, but dying to explore together! 

Is there a location that you revisit over and over again? Do you want a secret spot that feels like forever yours and uniquely all about your love story? 

I’m sure so many thoughts just came to mind just now, feel free to write them down as they come to mind. Brainstorming is one of the most exciting parts of the whole process. 

A few things I recommend doing to narrow down your list of dreamy locations, and pick the best place for you to elope! I seriously hope this is inspiring to you and your search, and helps you find the perfect elopement location for you and your partner. 

Things to think about when picking the absolute best location to elope. 

There are SO many factors that can come into play here when picking your location. But taking it slow, enjoy the process, start thinking about the things that are important to you. 

Once you start opening your mind, depending on what your preferences are, needs, and desires, you’ll start to come upon your dream location. 

All about the VIEWS !

One of the first things I’ll ever ask is what is your vision ? What does it look like? On top of a mountain? In the dunes? On a beach? Describe to me your wedding day. A huge benefit of eloping, is giving yourself the opportunity of having your wedding day anywhere. 

Where do you two most come alive? By the ocean? On top of a mountain? Road trip? 

What kind of landscapes are you passionate about? Forrest? Beach? Desert? Sand? Islands? Tropics? Waterfalls? 

Really take a moment think about that, sit down, what genuinely makes you happy and feel most alive. What do you see? How do you feel? What type of landscape and views come immediately to mind? 

If you have more than one vision or landscape that comes to mind, that’s 100% okay. 

Here is the glorious thing about our little blue planet is there are so many locations with diversity! Let me geek out for a moment and tell you how cool this is. For example just here in Arizona alone we have 6 different eco systems. 

Another good thought to have, there are NO RULES when planning your elopement. 

You can do all the things for your elopement. Take a trip across country for a few days, definitely. If you want to do a a plane or helicopter tour into the Grand Canyon, I’m all for it. If you want to do an epic off-road trip through the Rubicon Trail, HECK YES! 

If that’s what you guys love to do and that’s what you’re all about, then make your elopement last a couple of days. Enjoy your time together! 

There is no limits to your imagination and what your elopement looks like. It’s all your day, so if there is a specific view that makes you happy, go for it! 


Eloping at Horseshoe Bend

How are you getting to your elopement location? 

You have your location, now we have to think about how you’re getting there. No matter how you want to elope, or the activities you want to include on your big day, a few things to consider. 

How are you going to get to your destination? Are you going to drive? Fly? What about a boat? 

Are you going to hike to your elopement location? Backpack? Camping? What about jeeping? 

What kind of adventure are you willing to go on? Are you going to have guests on your big day? Do you need to think of how they’re going to get to your location?

Just by asking yourself some of these questions and answering them, it’s really going to help you start picking the perfect location for your elopement. Hopefully, it also helps you get rid of some location ideas too. 

Time Of Year To Elope

Now, it’s time to think about when you want to elope. This can also be helpful deciding on where you want to elope. Just note, that seasons are different in every location. 

So, if you’re hoping for an amazing day on the beach in Kauai sharing private vows with the sun on your face, going during their rainy season probably would be the best idea.

If you’re looking to get married but don’t what to be surrounded by snow fall? Colorado probably isn’t the location for you 

I know, so many questions right? But you can definitely narrow down your elopement location when you really answer them. The season you prefer, what weather you imagined, and what date you were thinking. 

Here are some tools to help you find your perfect elopement location 

Honestly, I’m always happy to help you in any capacity that I can. But I also know how much excitement I got from doing a little research myself for my big day. Here is just a few tools that I used not only for my own elopement, but I use daily to help couples find their perfect elopement location: 

  • Social Media (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Hiking books and websites 
  • Hiking Facebook groups 
  • Hiking forums (
  • 4×4 road maps and trail books 
  • Guide companies 
  • Google Tools ( Maps, street view, Google Earth Pro)

Keep in mind, that these are just a few things you can use. The internet is a huge resource so don’t forget to dive deep into that google search. Don’t forget I’m always here to help you in anyway I can. 


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