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Is a MircoWedding for you? With the intimacy and reduced wedding cost have only increased since coronavirus (COVID-19) came to the world. As more couples opt for the smaller guest lists, Elopements in epic locations, and MicroWeddings. Read on to learn more about MircoWeddings, how to plant one, and if a small wedding is right for you.

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An elopement is usually less than 10 people or just the 2 of you, in an amazing locations or something that speaks to you as a couple. It can be last minute or something thoughtfully thought out. One day or multiple days, it’s all up to you. If you want to know more about planning an elopement, CLICK HERE

MircoWedding in Scottsdale with Rusty Metals Photography, a Scottsdale Wedding Photographer


A mircowedding is about 50 guests or less, who are mostly the nearest and dearest to you. You’d plan a mircowedding just like you would a traditional wedding, just with fewer guests to invite. If you want to know more about what a mircowedding is, CLICK HERE

Is a MircoWedding right for your big day?

Deciding to do a mircowedding depends on a few things:

  • location
  • Your budget
  • The number of people you can’t imagine saying “I do” without.

To determine if a micro-wedding is right for you, as yourself the following.

You want to plan a destination wedding that would be better suited with a smaller guest list.

Does your destination have limited accommodations? What activities would you like to do as a group? What kind of venue are you looking at? Other factors can definitely come into play when thinking about a destination wedding. Sometimes a mircowedding is ideal for a destination weddings.

You’re hoping to keep cost minimal.

If you want to keep your guest cost down or even your venue cost down, considering a mircowedding is definitely for you. Most of your cost for a large traditional wedding is food and drinks.

You want to spend quality time with your guests and your boo.

I feel like this one is huge, and also adds to having a stress-free day. When it comes to having a large wedding, it’s so hard to really have a conversation with everyone beyond “hi, thanks for coming”.

Mircoweddings are definitely a way to have more quality time and meaningful conversations with your guests.

You want to speak more of your budget on things that matter more to you than guest food and drinks.

For example, hiring the photographer the photographer you wanted for your big day. Maybe, spending a little more the dress you wanted.

You get so overwhelmed just thinking about a large wedding.

You the idea of a bunch of people watching you say “I Do” gives you anxiety, the a mircowedding is probably for you.

Get creative at your MircoWedding

A Few Tips To Planning A MicroWedding

Now that you’ve decided that a micro-wedding is right for your big day, here are just a few tips to help you with planning.

1. Finding the right venue for your big day

A huge plus to a mircowedding is that there are a ton of wedding venues to choice from. Maybe you say your vows in a beautiful location when have a reception somewhere else. Maybe an art-gallery ? Boutique restaurant? Sunset cruise?

2. Destination Wedding

That’s right you can enjoy a your wedding day, in a location of your dreams. With a microwedding, it lowers your costs and you might find that destination you’ve always dreamed of is in reach of our budget.

3. Reconsider allowing plus ones

If your guest list is close to 50 people, then you might not be considering allowing plus ones. If you get some push back for not allowing plus ones, just remember it’s your wedding.

4. Find an officiant

It’s a great idea to find someone who really speaks to you. You can hire someone in the local area of your venue, or you can ask a family member to officiate the wedding.

5. Get Creative

Fewer guests means you can spend more money on creative things for your wedding day. Custom cocktails, unique venue, exotic flowers, anything you wish.

6. A wedding planner

Maybe you want a wedding planner to help your day run more smoothly. This wedding pro can help with making sure all the details are in place.

7. Treat yourself

Just because it’s a micro-wedding doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself! Maybe with entertainment, decor, or fun details.

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