Just a few years ago, you would have found me wearing a blue uniform, black heels, a pair of wings, and saying "Welcome Aboard" the moment you stepped on to the aircraft. I thought I was living my dream career, but that dream turned into a nightmare with just one ruptured eardrum and two messed up feet. 

One Christmas, I received a $400 Nikon camera (Best Christmas present ever!) Little did I know, that camera and my desire to tell stories with my images would be my one-way ticket (See what I did there, hehe) out of being a Professional Diet-Coke pourer and my office at 30,000ft. Flying the friendly skies is all fine and dandy till that one can of tomato juice explodes all over you. Who would have thought that one camera would have led me to my passion and my business. These days you'll find me cuddling fur babies, in my yoga pants or seeking an adventure by exploring an unknown place.

Adventure & Storyteller

Becca Gutierrez

I should have guessed that all those days spent with my dad, collecting cans on the side of the road, crashing them, then turning them in for Money would help groom me into an entrepreneur someday.

My photography style is raw, unique, and original. I'll do anything to make you laugh (I feel like a comedian at heart) and I promise I wont make you close your eyes and put your forehands together. I make it simple for you, keep it light, and focused on those candid moments that naturally occur. 

1. Backpack Europe
2. Live in Kauai for a year 
3. Speak another language, fluently
4. Drive across the US
5. Be a foster mom for fur babies
6. Visit Iceland
7. Ride in a Helicopter 
8. Get my fixed aircraft private pilot license 
9. Become a Yoga Teacher 
10. Go Skydiving

On My Bucket List : 

I'm a Fellow Love Junkie!

My Fur Babies

From cuddling on the couch, to our Starbucks trips, they are the best ride or dies!


I love getting in touch with my inner yogi, and yoga pants, duh!


The dream is to live here one day.


I am a donut connoisseur(They are my weakness!)

favorite things


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