Stress-Free Elopements

In summary, HIRE BECCA!!

If you want a fun loving and personable photographer to help you have the best wedding/elopement day ever, then Becca is your gal!! My husband and I could not have asked for a better photographer for our special day. We had a sunrise elopement and Becca was so prepared for us to be under prepared! So thankful for all of the thoughtfulness that was shown to us every second of the day. We were slightly worried that having a photographer who we never met in person before be there with us all day capturing our wedding would be awkward, but it was perfect! It was magical and didn’t feel like we were just getting a photo shoot! And to top it off, our pictures turned out AMAZING!! We got way more than expected! Loved having Becca there with us!

- Robert + Sarah Thompson

Why Elope?

An elopement grants you to have the freedom to decide how you want to commit your lives to each other. To create a magical, intimate way for you to make your wildest, most romantic dreams about your wedding day come true without sacrifice a single, intimate moment between the two of you.

Elopements aren’t just for couples that want to do extreme hiking. Your wedding day can be your own style and vibe for your own intimate wedding day experience. You can create your own elopement experience.


Elopements are for only adventurous couples. 


Wrong, I’ve done elopements with 20 family members with a bridal party. Elopements are any kind of intimate wedding experience that is just about the couple. 


Elopement is just two people


Elopements can be anywhere, with any vibe. At a courthouse, your favorite brewery, in your backyard, your favorite park that you walk your dog. Your elopement location can be any location that speaks to you and makes your heart sign. No matter the location of your elopement day location, they are so intimate, special, personal, and an experience that’s tailored to you. 


Elopements can only be outdoors.


Elopement Myths and facts